8 comments on “3-in-1

  1. What kind words for my fairy tales. I’m so happy to know my Sauce for the Goose provided you some relief from the grueling work of teaching — so rewarding, no needed, but so exhausting. We send our words out into the world with the best of intentions, to share joy, inspire or find healing. I couldn’t look for any better reward than to touch another’s life in a positive way. I’m working on a video for your award of Inner Peace to me. My son is helping me, and it’s turned into a family project. I hope to have it ready in a day or two. Peace, love, joy and magic to you, Donicia, and all of your followers, too. They share in the wonderful magic of your world.

    • Words you truly deserved. You’ve provided me so much inspiration with your works on your blog from your photos,to stories and words of encouragement, spirit uplifting and positivity. I’m happy to know that a family project was done. It’s amazing to know it gave you some family bonding time, a beautiful moment if I may say 🙂
      Yes, we do our best to with all good intentions and we keep believing and hoping the world becomes a better place for you and I and for everyone else. I send you and your family as well as our friends and followers positive vibes and positive energy and all the best wishes!

      • I gave my boys a pokemon pack for helping even though I had to remake the thing three times, and they didn’t end up helping with the third version. I doubt I could have managed it without my oldest teaching me what he had learned at school. They were delighted. I’m hoping to get them playing instruments on the next video, but it will have to wait a while to be completed. One thing I did learn was — don’t rush or it will have to be redone. 🙂

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