8 comments on “Cherish What We Have

  1. Loss is inevitable for everyone. It should mean we all have empathy for each other at those hard times. Strange how that can be rare — empathy, that is.

      • That’s right. The beginning of the term. I have college on weekdays and on weekends I got 2 kids classes in the morning…afternoon are professionals learning English as Second Language. It’s quite a challenge. The only drawback is I got 1 day off in a week but the 1 day is used up checking essays or Test then marks…well it is part of the of it all. Hope your week is better than mine.

      • Whew! I work long days, same as many people. I have a lot of control over my schedule, though, except when the kids have lessons or sports. Right now the kids are home for the summer, and they interrupt me constantly, sot it’s hard to finish things. That’s why I’ve been publishing at 2 am. I haven’t been getting enough sleep, though. 🙂 Still, it’s a life I’ve chosen, and I relish every minute of it!

      • I’m glad you’re cherishing all that’s life has to offer. That’s a very positive way of dealing with life. 🙂 Unlike your schedule, I don’t have much control over it. I have to do as the classes assigned to me. Well, I enjoy teaching though. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

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