16 comments on “Whatever you ar…

      • Is it still okay if I use those lighted ice sculpture pictures? It’s nearly time to settle down and write my midwinter fairy tale. I have notes somewhere… I feel sure they were your pictures. I will give you credit! 🙂 Brenda

      • Hi Brenda, sorry for delayed reply cuz I got caught up with work…yes please, go ahead! I’ll be honored just by using my photos 🙂 God bless you and your family always. xoxo Donicia

      • And you, my friend! I have a daughter home sick, so now I’m not sure if I will manage to write a new story. Sigh. I want to, though. 🙂

      • She’s better, and the story is in the editing stage. Your pictures look great with it. Once I manage a coloring page… it will be ready to publish. 🙂

      • Sweet! Hope you and your loved ones had a prosperous and joyful New Year. It’s been really hard to sign in to wordpress for me due to firewall here in China.But let me say congratulations. I know you always do an amazing job. Love lots.

      • Thanks, my friend. I had a lot of WP trouble over the holidays. I had to quit my browser every time I wanted to get notifications. I finally deleted all cookies, and that had seemed to help. So frustrating! But I have been writing anyway. And I hope you are, too, my inspiration! I hope your new year is full of joy, laughter and warmth! Blessings, Brenda

  1. Thank you for this; I have so many things that Lincoln said memorized. His “melancholy,” or depression, gave him the wisdom needed for the United States to survive our Civil War.

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